New in Zagreb

Finally you can buy your dancing shoes in Zagreb. We are the first and the only manufacturer of dancing shoes in Croatia. In the first stage we make only ladies’ Latino shoes. Our further assortment development will depend exclusively on dancers in all Croatia and their interest in this new Croatian product. Of course, in this case special attention and priority are given to comfort.
Increasing popularity of dancing in Croatia and establishing of numerous dancing studios  have stimulated us to consider the initiative with dancing shoes manufacture. We have done that under the name of the GLORIA dancing shoes. After 25 years of experience in hand made ladies’ shoes, we have applied all our experience and skills in manufacture of the GLORIA dancing shoes.
What does that mean? Is it just another new brand? Yes, but not only that. It is much more than that.

GLORIA dancing shoes:
- 25 years of experience in ladies’ shoes hand making;
- Hand made shoes in our own workshop;
- Highly educated  master craftsmen;
- Measures adequate to the foot structure in Croatia;
- Manufacture in sizes 34 – 44
- Choice of different widths (narrow,standard and wide);
- Choice of models according your wishes;
- Selection of material types and colours (about 100 various types – leather, satin, rhinestones);
- Choice of heel (different shapes and heights);
- Extreme comfort and flexibility;
-    Manufacture period – up to 2 weeks

While making the GLORIA Latino dancing shoes we have tried to meet some basic criteria being of highest importance to all categories of dancers:
- good quality,
- comfort,
- attractive look,
- acceptable price,
- available purchase for all clients in Croatia;

Get up courage and step on dancing floor in the GLORIA dancing shoes. Allow your feet to enjoy every moment of dancing. We shall be pleased to accept any suggestion from your side.